Handmade Chinese Wheat Noodles



  1. Mix salt into flour first. Then add egg white. Add baking soda to the water, then slowly add water into the flour. Wheat varieties and seasons affect the absorption of the flour, be careful not to add too much. Form the dough into a rough dough and let sit for 15 minutes covered to rest
  2. Knead the dough every 15 minutes. After 3-4 times the dough will become moist and smooth. Let rest another 15 minutes
  3. Roll dough out to be thin. You can divide the dough into 2-3 lots to aid rolling
  4. Fold dough back and forth to be about 2 inches wide stacked (this to make it easier to cut) with cornmeal (preferred) or flour (not as good) between to stop the layers from sticking
  5. Slice your noodles at desired thickness with a knife. It is all up to personal preference
  6. Now cook your noodles and enjoy them!